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Vastu Tips for Newly Weds

Importance of Vastu for Newly Weds

Marriage brings two people together and binds them with love and life-long companionship. A wedding in the family means a charged up atmosphere of excitement, joy and celebrations. The whole house resonates with excited anticipation. But sometimes this excitement and joy gives way to negative feelings of stress, conflict, misunderstandings, and tensed situations when the newly weds are not able to adjust with each other or with the rest of the family. Following the simple guidelines given in Vastu Shastra for blissful and harmonious married life ensures a deeper understanding between the couple and ensures marital bliss.
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Know More About Love Marriage

Arranged marriages have traditionally been the norm in India. But with changing times, more and more young people are now preferring love marriage over arranged ones. One of the common questions that astrologers face is “Will I marry the one I love?” There are a number of astrological combinations which can reveal if the person will have a love marriage.
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Delay or Denial of Marriage

The institution of marriage holds a sacred and auspicious place in India. The parents start looking for a suitable partner for their children as soon as they reach marriageable age. But the influence of Western culture and materialism has brought about a change in youth who have become more career-oriented and thus delaying marriage until they are well-settled. Sometimes search for a perfect partner also is a reason for delay of marriage. Some individuals have delay of marriage in their horoscope while some have outright denial of marriage.
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