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21 Vastu Tips for Health

Vastu for health

Use of Vastu Shastra for home aims at good health and all-round prosperity. Peace, prosperity and progress are ensured for the natives if the house is Vastu compliant. If someone is suffering from a prolonged or recurring illness or is not keeping good health then it helps to take advice of a Vastu expert because some slight alterations in the house can work wonders for the health.

Sometimes Vastu defects in the house cause health troubles to the natives but being unaware of the Vastu concepts, people fail to understand the reason of the bad health of the occupants. Removing the Vastu defects and making the house Vastu compliant can be quite beneficial in terms of achieving good health.
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Feng Shui

Feng Shui Tips For Excellent Results

1. First impressions are extremely important in Feng Shui. When you first walk into a place and see something beautiful and pleasing , it will be one of the strongest filters that your subconscious mind will receive. Make that first eye contact a powerful and beautiful impression for yourself.

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