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Feng Shui Charms for Luck & Protection

Feng Shui is the Chinese science that recommends special arrangements to allow flow of energies for a harmonious life. Feng Shui is now popular all over the world. Traditional Feng Shui recommends many charms for good luck and protection from the negative energies.

Out of all the Feng Shui symbols, the dragon is a popular one but not many know about its significance. Feng Shui dragon is the symbol of the powerful male energy and is considered auspicious. Combined with a crystal, the dragon denotes money, power and opportunities. Feng Sui dragons come in variety of colors. Gold colored dragon signifies financial prosperity. Green colored dragon denotes good health. It is also used to cure East zone of the house. Continue Reading


Charms and Amulets

If you have watched Salman Khan movies then you must have noticed his turquoise bracelet. A pristine turquoise gemstone studded in thick silver chain- This bracelet was gifted to Salman Khan by his father and he has been wearing it ever since. He believes it to be his lucky charm.

Since ancient times, people used to believe in charms, amulets, mascots and signs to ward off evil or bring good luck to them. These are also called lucky signs and can be used in Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper or Iron etc. Some of the commonly used charms are:
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