Vastu For A Happy Married Life

All of us pray for prosperity and tranquility in our homes. That’s the first thing we wish for when we step inside our home. But what is important to learn is how to bring in the positivity in our lives. Have you ever thought that Vastu could be the answer for that? Vastu Shastra plays an important role in our lives. Since ages, Vastu has been playing a prominent role in construction. No house is built without keeping in mind the influence of Vastu. Vastu encompasses many vital sources of energy. It balances the energy in our home which in return brings in peace and prosperity that we strive for.

The layout, design of our homes and even the measurements of our rooms has a direct connection to Vastu. Our article will give you some of the most essential Vastu tips for a happy married life. Follow these essential tips to make sure that you attract all the positive auras in your home which will let you live happily. Ensure that you follow Vastu tips while construction for your home begins. Vastu is not difficult to understand and you can easily encompass these guidelines.

Start with the Living Room

Living room is the only room in your home which is first visited by guests. It is open and surrounded with a lot of space. Even when you decide to throw a party for birthday or anniversary celebration, it is always the living room which is decorated with bright colours and decorative items. Thus, ensuring that it is filled with positive auras become necessary. As per Vastu, the host should always face the North or East direction while greeting the guests. Also, make sure that the guests are seated just in the opposite direction of the host. You can bring in some changes in the sitting plan of your living room area. Keep all the electronic items of your home in the south direction. South is considered to be the direction of fire. This position will ensure that your living room is filled with positive aura and nothing else.

Vastu and the Bedroom

Let us now work on the bedroom. Bedroom is the room where you spend the night. You sleep in your bedroom and think about all the important facts that need attention. That’s why it is important for the bedroom to have positive aura as well. If you go by Vastu, you should always keep your bedroom door 90% open. You should always give your bedroom enough space to let the positive aura enter and spread in the entire room. Also, remove unnecessary stuff from the bedroom and keep only the things which are required. Light is an essential part, hence have enough light in your bedroom to make sure that it is bright and not gloomy.

Vastu and the Kitchen

Vastu says that the kitchen should always face South-West. If not then North-West is the direction. Keep the RO or water filter in the north facing direction, whereas the cooking stove and burner should face south. Also, ensure that the kitchen is at a good enough distance from the kitchen.

Vastu and Pooja Room

Pooja room is an integral part of your home. Pooja room is considered to be the auspicious place. You always start your day with a prayer so it is essential to look after your pooja room too. This is the room which channels positive energy to your home. Vastu says that you should place your pooja room in North East direction. If this is not possible than you can also settle with west direction as well. Let your pooja room receive all the energy that is essential for your home and channel it across the entire home.

Vastu and the Jewellery Box

Money is important for you, us, and everyone. Money is a necessity and it is necessary to have a good flow of money in our home all the time. For Indians, money is not only about gaining monetary fame and gain but we also associate it with goddess Lakshmi. We all want to earn money and in order to achieve that Vastu advices us to keep our locker in the South-West direction. Also, another point to note here is that the locker door should open towards the north. Lord Kuber sits in the north direction and that’s why the door of the locker should always open in the north direction.

Your home is a huge investment and you should do everything to ensure that only positive aura is channelled throughout the home. Don’t keep unnecessary items in your home. Our suggestions are just a few tips that you can follow. These are not hard and fast rules but a simple guideline to ensure that your home also receives the good and positive aura to live a happily married life.

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Manisha Adhlakha who is a versatile writer and loves to write on a wide range of topics like vastu, fashion, travel, health, shopping, real estate, education and product reviews.

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