Stress Triggers for Star Signs

Stress and anxiety have become common nowadays. Our hectic lifestyles have a major role to play in it. Anxiety and stress have become so common that even young children suffer from it. So what makes us stressed out? Like every aspect of our personality, our zodiac sign decides the stress triggers in every individual. Let’s see astrologically what are the stress triggers for various zodiac signs:

  • Aries Arieans are full of energy and are always eager to take on new things. They get stressed on if they are not able to finish their tasks. Running out of energy or being ill also stresses them. They need to realize that they are not superhuman. They have to learn to slow down and relax.
  • Taurus A Taurean is always ready to face challenges and they also want to be the best in whatever they do. Failure is the biggest stress trigger for Taureans. It’s hard for them to accept failure. They need to accept failures in their stride. They need to learn that failures at times are inevitable and what’s important is the lessons they learn.
  • Gemini Gemini people love to be in the company of smart and enthusiastic people. Stupid and unintelligent people drive them crazy causing stress and anger. The key for them is to accept people as they are.
  • Cancer Insecurity is inborn in Cancerians. Anything that makes them insecure stresses them. Repressing anger also causes anxiety attacks in them. They shouldn’t keep things in their heart and let it all out.
  • Leo Leos are born leaders. Losing control or the fear of losing control causes stress to them. If things don’t go as per their plans, then it will cause them mighty stress. They need to learn to let go and go with the flow.
  • Virgo Over-thinking causes stress to Virgo people who have over-analytical minds. Virgos are perfectionists and serial organizers. They need to accept imperfections.
  • Libra Life is unfair and Librans are no exception. They cannot stand being treated unfairly and this stresses them. It is better to accept situations as they are, take necessary actions and keep the anger & stress at bay.
  • Scorpio Though Scorpios don’t come across as sensitive people but their sarcasm is actually a defense mechanism. An invasion in their privacy triggers stress in Scorpios. They need to work on their privacy issues and should schedule some ‘me’ time for themselves.
  • Sagittarius Sagittarians can’t stay still. Staying confined in a room or being formal is stress inducing in Sagittarius people. They need to balance their adventurous side with a quiet life.
  • Capricorn Capricorns are hard taskmasters. They expect the best at work which is not always possible. This causes them stress. They should learn to live in the present and enjoy.
  • Aquarius Aquarians make their own rules. They get stressed if they can’t have their own way. They need to accept situations and things as they are.
  • Pisces Pisceans crave privacy. Stage fright stresses them out. Any opportunity of public speaking makes them stressed and anxious. They should take things in their stride. Also they should work on their public speaking skills and try to overcome stage fright.
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