What makes your zodiac sign angry?

What makes you angry? People react differently when they are angry. Some scream and shout to express their anger. Some bottle up their anger inside like a simmering volcano which can erupt anytime. Some distance themselves in order to avoid confrontation. Some don’t express or show their anger but become sad/ depressed instead.

Zodiac signs depict the personalities of individuals and can also tell us broadly what angers people of a particular zodiac sign. Knowing what angers each zodiac sign can help us in maintaining a healthy relationship with them, be it personal or professional.

  • Aries This is a volatile sign and these people are angered even at the slightest provocation. Their anger most of the times represent their silly temper tantrums.
  • Taurus They don’t get angry easily but once done, there’s no stopping. It’s best to stay away from them when they are angry.
  • Gemini Generally adaptable. When angered, they resort to yelling and serious arguments.
  • Cancer Not easily angered but are prone to emotional outbursts which will end in lot of tears.
  • Leo They get angry when things don’t go their way. Though calm but if angered, they can be fierce like a lion.
  • Virgo Generally patient and not easily angered. But they are often misunderstood and this builds up a frustration which can trigger their ferocious temper. They end up hurting themselves in anger.
  • Libra Calmest of all zodiac signs. They generally keep their anger secret.
  • Scorpio They are unforgiving and seek revenge when angry.
  • Sagittarius They don’t display their anger most of the times. And when anger is uncontrollable, they will be confused how to react.
  • Capricorn This no-nonsense sign won’t spare their friends even when they are angry.
  • Aquarius Not riled easily but when angry, they make full use of their razor sharp tongue and indifferent attitude.
  • Pisces They are easily offended. Their anger is followed by tantrums and sulkiness.

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