Charms and Amulets

If you have watched Salman Khan movies then you must have noticed his turquoise bracelet. A pristine turquoise gemstone studded in thick silver chain- This bracelet was gifted to Salman Khan by his father and he has been wearing it ever since. He believes it to be his lucky charm.

Since ancient times, people used to believe in charms, amulets, mascots and signs to ward off evil or bring good luck to them. These are also called lucky signs and can be used in Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper or Iron etc. Some of the commonly used charms are:


Om,a sacred symbol in Hindu religion is a sign for prosperity, comfort and success. It can be worn in the neck as a pendant or on a ring in gold, silver or copper.


Swastika is an auspicious sign for Lord Ganesha which is said to bestow good luck and fortune to the wearer. The sign can be worn around the neck or on the ring made of gold, silver or copper.


Trishul is a symbol attributed to Lord Shiva and brings good luck to the wearer. It is also said to save from opposition and enemies.Trishul can also be worn as an aid in spiritual advancement as Lord Shiva is considered a great mystic.


Considered a sacred symbol in Christianity, Cross is attributed to Jesus Christ. Wearing the cross ensures prosperity, peace of mind and purity in life.


Hand is a symbol of hospitality, generosity, strength & goodness and is attributed to Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Mohammad.

Sham Rock

It is a plant with three leaves and a white clover and is the national symbol of Ireland. Worn in natural state or in the form of a symbol, it is said to bring prosperity and fortune.


Sword is a sacred symbol of Sikhs and is considered to be auspicious for prosperity, bravery and courage. Wearing this symbol keeps the enemies at bay and ensures victory.


Beads are worn for prosperity, cure from diseases and spiritual advancement. Rudraksha, Chandan, Tulsi or Coral beads are considered to be the best. Beads can be worn in the neck as a string or they can be worn in the form of a bracelet.


Acron is a nut or fruit of the Oak tree. Carrying a dried acron is believed to cause a lover to return.


A right angle, like the letter ‘L’ is the harbinger of learning & deep understanding and is considered to be good for scholars and students.

Arrow Head

Generally worn around the neck, an arrowhead is used as protection from evil .


An axe head carved from stone is believed to be a charm against evil. It is worn around the neck in a string or chain.

Badger Tooth

In ancient times, players while playing cards used to wear badger tooth/claw to bring them luck during the game. It is also good for children.

Bamboo and Serpent

It is an ancient symbol which consists of a circle around which numerous triangles are inscribed. Across the circle lays a bamboo stick of seven sections crossed by a serpent. The circle represents eternity, the triangle trinity, the serpent wisdom & knowledge and bamboo stick with seven knots represent the seven stages of wisdom. It is a very lucky charm for students.


A bee made of precious metal and embedded with precious stones is said to bring great success in business.


Bull is a symbol of strength, power and determination. Wearing its replica, especially its head, is said to bring the before mentioned qualities in the wearer.


The four-leafed clover is said to bring good luck. One leaf of clover brings fame, another wealth, a third faithful lover and the fourth good health.


A replica of dolphin is worn to bring success in music, literature & painting and is considered to be good for those involved in creative arts.


Fish was considered as a religious symbol by ancient Hebrews. It is considered as a sign of wealth, progeny and prosperity. Little carvings of fish are worn for luck and wealth.


As a symbol of love, lovers gift it to each other to pledge love and fidelity.

Horse Shoe

It is universally accepted as a charm of good luck. A black horseshoe is fixed on the doors to ward off evil eye. It’s ring is worn to dispel the evil effect of Saturn.

Ek Onkar

It is a symbol of brotherhood and spiritual advancement in Sikhism and is worn around the neck in gold, silver or steel for peace of mind.


Another religious symbol of Sikhs which is worn for courage, valor, protection from enemies and destruction of all evils.


Muslims consider this as a very auspicious number to bring good luck, wealth and prosperity.

Crescent Moon

Considered to be very auspicious in all religions, crescent moon brings good luck and health particularly to children.


Three keys are worn together as a charm. Keys stand for love, health and wealth. The wearer is said to be able to unlock the doors to these with this charm.


Owl is a symbol of deep knowledge and wisdom and is said to bless the wearer with these qualities.


The penny bearing the date of a leap year is considered lucky and brings good luck and fortune. One must note here that only the pennies with leap year dates should be used as lucky charms.


Serpent stands for knowledge, wisdom and healing from diseases. Its small replica is worn around neck or in a ring and is said to enable wearer to excel in the arts of learning or healing.


This symbol consists of two straight lines- one vertical and the other horizontal. This charm is worn to ward off skin diseases.

Charms and amulets have been around in all religions since centuries. In modern times, charms and amulets are more often considered to be mere superstitions. People wear it attracted by their appearance and more like a fashion accessory. But their real power comes when you have faith in them or else they are mere decorative symbols.


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