Top Ten Spiritual Tarot Cards

Spiritualism or a search for something sacred- It is an individual journey. Religion, meditation, yoga, personal reflections are the various means people adopt for spiritual progress. Being spiritual is a must for being a good tarot reader. Meditating daily especially on the tarot cards is a very good practice to connect deeply with your tarot deck. It also helps in improving your intuitive powers. Tarot cards are a helpful tool for having a guidance regarding your own spiritual quest. There are certain Tarot cards to look out for when you are doing a Tarot reading to indicate spiritual progress. Here goes my list of the top ten Tarot cards to appear in a spiritual reading:


As the name itself suggests, The Hermit is the topmost card when it comes to spirituality. Hermit is on a spiritual quest and likes to spend time alone with himself. He is searching for the answers concerning the deeper questions of life and spends much time in thinking and reflecting on his experiences. The appearance of this card in a reading suggests a time of isolation and contemplation about your chosen path for spiritual advancement.

Four of Cups

As seen in the image, the person is disinterested in whatever is being offered to him. When Four of Cups appears in the reading, it suggests that this is the time to block any distractions which may take you away from your spiritual goals and being centered to discover what you actually need in order to feel fulfilled.

High Priestess

High Priestess indicates going with the gut or intuition. Appearance of the High Priestess in a reading advises to rely on your intuition or engaging in mystic practices to connect with your inner self and advance spiritually.


The Hierophant is a card for churches,organised religious organisations, traditional schools of education. It may suggest that you may join some spiritual organization in order to reach your spiritual goals or you may seek the guidance of a spiritual master or guru who can be pivotal in your spiritual advancement.

Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands indicates new beginnings with renewed enthusiasm. Appearance of Ace of Wands in a reading about spirituality may indicate that you are embarking on a new spiritual path and you are quite upbeat about it. You are excited about this new beginning which could be joining a new spiritual group, a new study or a new belief system.


People generally turn to God when they face challenging times. Adversity brings us closer to God. The Tower in a spiritual reading indicate that you will encounter difficult times that will shake your very foundation and you will seek solace in the divine. Everything seems to be changing and in a state of turmoil which force you to turn inwards to seek solace.

Eight of Pentacles

Pentacles are generally associated with money. But appearance of the Eight of Pentacles in a spiritual reading indicates that you are devoted to realizing your spiritual goal and making slow but steady progress. You are in no hurry and are patiently making dedicated efforts on the path. The progress may be slow but your hard work will surely bring the desired results.

Five of Pentacles

Appearance of Five of Pentacles in the spiritual reading indicate a need to give up material desires for spiritual advancement. You need to shift your focus from material aspects of life to your own spiritual nourishment. You have focused on amassing material wealth for too long and in the process, you have neglected your spiritual well-being. It’s time for a change in perspective- from material to spiritual.


Appearance of Judgement in a spiritual reading proclaims the time when you are open to receiving spiritual messages and you are clear about what you need to do for spiritual progress. You are very clear about your future course of action in order to advance spiritually.

Hanged Man

The Hanged Man indicates a need to let go and make sacrifices for spiritual advancement. You may be stuck with some issues which you need to let go in order to progress further. You need to break yourself free from all that which is holding you and making your progress stagnant.


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