Vastu for Apartment/Flat

Significance of Vastu for apartments and flats

Due to shortage of land and spiralling prices of real estate in metropolitan cities, residential complexes and high rise buildings are coming up. Constructing a Vastu compliant house remains a dream for many. The people living in apartments and flats often wonder if they can also be benefited by Vastu. The answer is YES!

By using Vastu principles in your apartment, you will be able to live in harmony with nature. Increased contentment, happiness and abundance is ensured by using Vastu. By harmonising and balancing our home, we feel happier, healthier and at peace.

Selection of apartment

While selecting the apartment, keep the following points in mind to get the maximum advantage as per Vastu rules:

  • Apartment should be regular in shape. Square and rectangular shapes are good. Avoid L or C shaped apartments.
  • The apartment must never fall at a dead end of a road. T-point buildings must be avoided.
  • Monitor the open space around the building. There should not be any ponds near South and West
  • There should be no obstruction to the main entrance of the apartment.
  • Surroundings of the apartment should be pleasing to eyes. Plants and trees, lush green lawns and brightly colored flower beds make the surroundings lively and cheerful.
  • The elevators, staircases and corridors should be well lit and spacious. Narrow, gloomy and badly lit stairs and corridors harbor negativity.
  • Stairs and elevators should not directly face the main entrance of the apartment.
  • Avoid apartment with main door in South, South-West or South-East.
  • Select the apartment where North-East is open.
  • The master bedroom should be in South-West and kitchen in South-East.
  • Kitchen or toilet should not be in North-East of the apartment.
  • Bathroom or toilet door should not face dining hall or kitchen.
  • Flats with balconies in the North or East are the best. Avoid apartments with balconies only in South or cover them with thick blinds.
  • The front door should not directly face the entrance to a toilet.
  • Make sure that the toilet and bathroom are not in the center of the apartment.

Strengthening the interiors

More than often, we don’t have any control over the outside Vastu of the apartments but we can control what happens inside. Many defects in the flat can be corrected by measures and remedies.So providing Vastu strength to the interiors of flats or apartments is more relevant than the Vastu outside. Here are some tips to keep in mind while planning the interior of the apartment:

  • Main entrance of the apartment should be well lit and appear welcoming.
  • Keep the apartment free from clutter. Avoid too much furniture and artefacts. The apartment should appear spacious, neat and organized.
  • The front door should open inwards.
  • Apartment should not be painted in black, sky blue or red colors. Cream, blue, green, yellow and white colors can be used for the walls.
  • If the front door is directly facing a toilet then keep the door of the toilet always closed and hang a mirror outside the door of the toilet to symbolically make it disappear.
  • Plenty of light and air should be allowed in all the rooms.
  • Do not sit, sleep or work under overhead beams.
  • Arrange heavy furniture in the South, West and South-West of the room. Lighter furniture can be placed in the North and East of each room.
  • Keep bed in the South-West corner of the bedroom.
  • Study table should be placed in a way that the child faces North or East while studying.
  • Cupboards containing cash, jewellery, cheque books and valuables should be kept in South so that they open towards North.
  • Paintings depicting violence, terror, cruelty, poverty or death should be avoided.
  • Due to lace of space, a separate prayer room is generally not possible in a flat. A North-East corner in the studyroom, kitchen or dining room can be used for this purpose.

In the present times, it is very difficult for to get a perfectly Vastu compliant flat. Still one should check out to what extent the Vastu principles are applicable in the flat before buying it.

It is also advisable to get a personal feel of the property to experience positive or negative vibes from the apartment. Even if 70 % to 80 % of an apartment’s construction is according to Vastu Shastra then one may go for it.

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