Top Ten Tarot Cards for Finances

I have always been fascinated by Tarot cards. Finally I decided to take a plunge and learn Tarot cards. I did a little research about the various Tarot decks available and ordered my first deck online. It was Riders- Waite Deck. Using this deck which is considered the best for beginners, I started learning about the meanings of the cards from the online resources available. After a while, I enrolled for a six-months long professional course to have a thorough understanding of Tarot cards and spreads.
I have found Tarot cards to be an excellent tool to gain meaningful insights into your life. They give you a clear picture of unseen influences & obstacles and gives you a snapshot of your life at the moment. Most of the people think of Tarot as a fortune telling tool. But I would say that Tarot is a guidance tool which suggests actions to take in a given situation and the likely outcomes.

You can use the guidance offered by Tarot to empower yourself to make the desired changes in your life. A Tarot reading offers you an honest look at your current situation and problems while giving you vital information to help you decide your future course of action.
Mostly people seek Tarot consultations for money, health or relationship problems. Money is something everyone is after. We all want to be financially stable with a little extra money in the bank. So which are the Tarot cards indicating money and wealth?

Here is a list of my top ten Tarot cards for finances:

Ten of Pentacles

Luxury and comforts gained by the rightfully earned money are indicated by Ten of Pentacles. It indicates an affluent position which brings status and recognition. Ten of Pentacles can also mean that you might be acquiring money which may be due to various reasons as provident fund on retirement, as a part of inheritance or you are a part of a wealthy family.

Six of Wands

Appearance of Six of Wands in a financial reading suggest that it’s time to reap the rewards of all your hard work and efforts done in the past. Your hard work in the past may bring you cash rewards.

Nine of Pentacles

The image on The Nine of Pentacles says it all! You are surrounded by financial security, material wealth, luxury, comforts and abundance. A luxurious lifestyle and more than enough disposable income is indicated when Nine of Pentacles appear in the reading.

Ace of Pentacles

Aces signify new beginnings or opportunities and Ace of Pentacles is no different. A new opportunity for good fortune is on the horizon – a new job, a salary hike, a financial gift , a lucrative business deal or a new investment opportunity. The universe has presented you with a wonderful opportunity and your job is just to grab it without hesitating. It’s a time of financial abundance and material growth!

The Sun

When The Sun radiating with happiness and joy appears in a financial reading, it suggests a time of positivity and abundance. Positive outcomes regarding finances and a time for feeling care-free as regards to money is what lies ahead.

Four of Pentacles

When Four of Pentacles comes in a financial reading, you can relax! You are secure as far as money is concerned and even the long-term financial situation looks stable. This is because you have been focused on managing your finances frugally by spending less and saving more. Accumulating wealth by being prudent with your money and material possessions is your goal.

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune in a financial reading strongly suggests a positive change in circumstances. It indicates growth and abundance around you. It is also a good omen for starting a business or making a risky but profitable investment. A financial windfall or surprise gifts of money with marked strokes of luck are indicated.

Seven of Pentacles

Your long wait is about to end! The hard work all this while is soon going to bear fruit. Be ready to get the results of your hard work and your patience all this while. You may finally get success in your financial endeavours.

Nine of Cups

Life is certainly looking good with material abundance. Nine of Cups reminds you to ‘think and grow rich.’ You will attract money in your life by your positive thoughts about money.

Page of Pentacles

A new job or business which provides an opportunity for additional income is indicated by Page of Pentacles. You are now ready to invest in your future by getting additional qualifications, making new investments or focusing on money matters.

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