Vastu Tips for Newly Weds

Importance of Vastu for Newly Weds

Marriage brings two people together and binds them with love and life-long companionship. A wedding in the family means a charged up atmosphere of excitement, joy and celebrations. The whole house resonates with excited anticipation. But sometimes this excitement and joy gives way to negative feelings of stress, conflict, misunderstandings, and tensed situations when the newly weds are not able to adjust with each other or with the rest of the family. Following the simple guidelines given in Vastu Shastra for blissful and harmonious married life ensures a deeper understanding between the couple and ensures marital bliss.

Location of Bedroom for Young Couple

North-West is the ideal direction for a bedroom for newly wed young couple. This direction for bedroom is also suitable for couples desirous of starting a family. The direction generates positive energy which strengthens the intimacy and bond between husband and wife.
Never have the bedroom for newly weds in the South-East corner of the house as that is Agni (Fire) Zone and causes frictions in relationships.

Do’s and Don’ts of Doing up the Couple’s Bedroom
• Use colors such as lilac,mint or white to brighten up the bedroom. Peach color has been found to be the best for newly weds’ bedroom.
• Avoid a toilet in the South-West corner of your house to safeguard your marriage. The attached toilet door must be kept shut and the toilet seat cover down.
• Use diffused lighting in the room to create a romantic atmosphere.
• It is advised to avoid having mirrors in the bedroom. If there is a dressing table, then place it in a way that the bed doesn’t get reflected in the mirror or keep the mirror covered.
• The foot of the bed should not directly face the door of the room.
• Never place the bed between two doors.
• The use of wooden bed instead of metal or wrought iron bed is advisable for the newly weds.
• The bed should not be placed under a beam as it is said to create anxiety or burden in the relationship.
• Beams running lengthwise down the bed are believed to create martial disharmony and drive the couple apart. This should be rectified by hanging two bamboo flutes from the beam with their faces down or by using false ceiling to make beams disappear.
• Sharp objects like edges of a table or a or a wall corner should not be pointing towards the bed.
• The bedroom should not be gloomy or badly lit.
• The amount of fresh air and natural light can be increased by keeping the blinds and curtains open during the day. At night, keep the room well lit until you are ready for bed.
• Remove any clutter from the bedroom.
• The bedroom should be decorated in an aesthetic manner and it should appear pleasing and welcoming.
• Do not have a open mandir (prayer room) in the bedroom.

Tips for Marital Bliss
• Keep fresh flowers in the room. The freshness and fragrance of flowers help in enhancing the feelings of love.You can also keep fruits, especially pomegranates, which is a symbol of fertility.
• The wife should sleep towards the left side of the husband.
• Place sculptures of a pair of Love Birds/ doves or swans in the South-West direction to enhance love and romance in your marital life.
• It is advised to use a double bed with a single mattress. Double mattress increase the chances of discord.
• Avoid paintings or wall hangings that symbolize negativity such as death, depression or violence. Such paintings should not be displayed anywhere in the house.
• Paintings and pictures associated with happy memories for the couple should be displayed in the South-West direction of the room. It is said to enhance companionship and trust between the couple.
• Avoid keeping all work related items such as computers, files and papers etc. in the bedroom as these will distract your attention.
• To bring spark in the marital life, one can keep a sculpture of a pair of white horses in the room.
• You can attract love and romance by hanging a wind chime with a crystal in the South-West corner of the bedroom.

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