21 Vastu Tips for Health

Vastu for health

Use of Vastu Shastra for home aims at good health and all-round prosperity. Peace, prosperity and progress are ensured for the natives if the house is Vastu compliant. If someone is suffering from a prolonged or recurring illness or is not keeping good health then it helps to take advice of a Vastu expert because some slight alterations in the house can work wonders for the health.

Sometimes Vastu defects in the house cause health troubles to the natives but being unaware of the Vastu concepts, people fail to understand the reason of the bad health of the occupants. Removing the Vastu defects and making the house Vastu compliant can be quite beneficial in terms of achieving good health.

21 Vastu tips for health

Here are listed some Vastu principles which can help to keep you in good health:

  1. Always sleep with head towards South or East.
  2. Never sleep under the exposed beam as sleeping under exposed beams is said to give rise to anxiety and disturbed sleep.
  3. Meals should be eaten while facing East or North.
  4. An ideal kitchen should be located in South-East of the house. Kitchen in North-East should be avoided as it may create health problems in women.
  5. A staircase in the exact center of the house may lead to health problems and thus should be avoided.Stairs should be built in a corner.
  6. South-West portion should be ideally provided to the elders of the house or the main owner of the house in order to keep them in good health.
  7. Mobile phones and other such electronic gadgets should be kept away from bed for sound sleep.
  8. Avoid keeping bamboo plants in house as it is considered inauspicious.
  9. Kitchen and toilet should not be next to each other. It’s better to have toilets and kitchen at a distance from each other.
  10. Avoid making any useful place like toilet, kitchen etc under staircase. And especially Puja room should never be constructed under staircase. However the space can be used for storage.
  11. The bed should be kept three inches away from the wall.
  12. The boundary wall of the house should be of same height as the main gate. Growing citrus plants on either sides of the gate promotes good health.
  13. Placing an image of Lord Hanuman facing south promotes good health.
  14. Avoid placing electrical appliances near a water pot, water purifier or sink.
  15. Person should face East while cooking. Also cooking with your back towards a door should be avoided as it may lead to back-ache, pain in the legs, shoulders and fatigue.
  16. One should not keep a mirror in front of the bed and it’s also not advisable to keep broken mirror at home.
  17. Grey, black and brown colors should be avoided on walls because these are dull colors and create a pessimistic attitude. Colors like off-white, light blue or light green make one feel fresh, enthusiastic and have a buzzing creative mind.
  18. The position of the main door should either be facing East or North so that even if there are problems, they will get solved.
  19. Home should be kept organized and clutter free as it ensures peace of mind and is pleasing to eyes.
  20. Planting a Basil (Tulsi) plant in the house helps to purify the air and is considered auspicious. Avoid thorny plants such as cactus and plants like rubber plants, milky plants and Bonsai in the house as they might add to your stress and illness.
  21. Use wooden beds without storage space and avoid sleeping on metal beds to avoid any health problem related to heart & brain.

Bonus tips

  • Having a toilet/fireplace in the North-East corner of the house can ruin it financially besides causing mental tension and quarrel amongst the occupants of the house.
  • Pictures and paintings depicting violence, death, disease and despair should not be displayed in the house as they create negativity and depression.
  • Any place that is constantly damp or smells of dampness is considered to have or emit negative energy. Take proper measures to rectify the cause of dampness if there is any such area in your house.
  • Facing East or North while working or studying aides memory and allows one to take proper timely decisions.

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