Astrology and Food Habits

It’s interesting to note the co-relation between our food habits and astrology. Astrology is not only limited to predictions but also extends to our personality and well-being. We attract what we lack and thus our food habits indicate our planetary weaknesses. Let’s have a look:

  1. Sun People with weak Sun in their birth chart will use more salt in their food which may result in weak bones, baldness and heart & stomach related ailments.
  2. Moon People with weak moon in their natal chart will prefer rice to bread. They consume more juices. They prefer to have water, buttermilk, soda or juice with their food. This indicates weal determination and over-emotional nature.
  3. Mars People with weak Mars like hot and spicy food. They like halwa as a dessert. They have a tendency to suffer from diabetes and lack support from brothers.
  4. Mercury People with weak Mercury in the birth chart have generally a weak memory and nervous system. They like to eat eggs.
  5. Venus People with weak Venus like to have their food prepared in pure ghee. They also like to eat curd. They suffer from problems related to opposite sex and may also have sexual weakness.
  6. Jupiter People with weak Jupiter lack support from elders. They like to consume chana dal and food or sweets prepared with besan.
  7. Saturn Weak Saturn in the natal chart indicates weak legs and feet. They like urad ki dal and bitter foods. They are also inclined towards alcohol and tobacco.
  8. Rahu Persons with weak Rahu are generally pot-bellied and have a weak will power. They are also inclined towards smoking and drinking in excess.
  9. Ketu Weak Ketu indicates nerve related problems, piles and acute acidity. People with weak Ketu in their natal chart like food items made of paneer, They also like tangy and spicy food.

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