15 Vastu tips for Academic Success

Students put in lot of hard work for academic success and to get good marks in the examination but sometimes inspite of working very hard, they are not able to score well. The reason for the same is lack of focus and concentration. Here are some simple Vastu tips which you can put into practice to improve focus and concentration among students:

  1. North or West is the ideal direction for study room of children.
  2. Use a green table cloth at the study table for better concentration.
  3. The student should face East or North direction while he is studying.
  4. The door of the study room in North- East direction gives beneficial results.
  5. Study table should not be under a beam as it will cause an undue stress in the student.
  6. If there is a mirror in the study room then it should be covered at night.
  7. Study table should be away from the wall. An open space in front of the table encourages creativity and new ideas.
  8. The position of the study table should be such that there should not be a door behind the student.
  9. Soothing pictures or posters on the walls enhance the positivity and peace of mind.
  10. Study table should not be cluttered. It should be kept neat and organized.
  11. Bright lights should be used in the study room but at the same time, they should not be harsh for the eyes.
  12. Vibrant and joyful colors like pink, sky blue etc should be used on the walls of study room.
  13. Wooden chair should be used for the study table.
  14. A money plant in an earthern pot should be kept by the side of the study table.
  15. The student should sleep with his head towards East or South. North direction should be avoided.

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