Color Therapy

Color therapy is based on association of each planet with a specific color of its own in its purest and concentrated form. Our ancient sages discovered that the unique vibrations of each color can help in curing ailments.

Each color has seven aspects and it vitalizes, animates, heals, enlightens, supplies, inspires and fulfills. Application of colors is:

  • Healing aspect: In which both colors and stones are used.
  • Psychological aspect: This shows the influence of colors on the mind and the emotions.
  • Esoteric aspect: This is manifested in the symbols and attributes of the colors & the color aspect of the aura.

How Color Therapy Works? 

Colors can be used to propitiating the planets. Colors have a remarkable effect on the environment, mood and health of the native. Selection of favorable colors of clothes, bed sheets, curtains, colors of the walls in home and office etc. should be done with careful consideration of one’s primary colors.  One should avoid colors of Lords of 6th and 8th houses to ward off planetary affliction.

Ayurveda links certain colors with the three doshas: Vata is associated with blue, Pitta with fiery red and Kapha with light & luminous shades of yellow. Ayurveda also recognizes the colors associated with the five elements of the body- ether with light blue, fire with red, air with green, water with deep blue and Earth with yellow. Any disturbance in these elements leads to an imbalance in physical, mental and spiritual plane which can be corrected by boosting the concerned color.

Using colors for treatment of diseases or physical ailments has been very common since ages. Color affected water can also be used for mitigating ill effects of planets.  Suppose Mars is malefic for a person. Then take a red colored glass bottle and fill it up 3/4th with water and keep it in Sun for 7-8 days. This water when consumed by the native will help in absorbing good qualities of Mars. Similarly for Moon, use a white or colorless bottle, for Mercury green, for Jupiter golden yellow and so on.

Beneficial and harmful colors for various ascendants are based on the colors of the good houses 1, 5, 9 and that of bad houses 6,8,12 which are listed in the table below:

Ascendant Beneficial Color Harmful Color
Aries Red, Yellow Green, Blue
Taurus Green, Violet Red, Yellow, Blue
Gemini Yellow, Green Orange, Deep Blue, Black
Cancer Blue, Red, Yellow Violet, Deep Blue, Black
Leo Red, Orange, Yellow Violet, Deep Blue, Black
Virgo Green, Blue Yellow, Blue
Libra Orange, Violet, Green Yellow, Blue
Scorpio Red, Orange, Blue Green, Deep Blue
Sagittarius Red, Orange, Blue Black, Deep Blue, Chocolate
Capricorn Violet, Green, White Yellow, Blue, Red
Aquarius Violet, Green, White Red, Blue
Pisces Green, Yellow, Blue Deep Blue, Black, Orange

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