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Things to remember while wearing gemstone

Gemstones are often used as a remedy in astrology for they are considered to bring peace, prosperity and happiness to the wearer. Wearing favorable gemstones bring name, fame and power to the person wearing it. Our ancient scriptures also describe gems as powerful agents which can influence human fate by inducing positive energy and minimizing the negative energy which causes sickness and suffering.

One should wear a gem only after consulting an expert astrologer. Here are some fundamental rules to be kept in mind before wearing any gem:
• The gems of the planets having the lordship of 6th, 8th & 12th house should not be worn as it will bring hurdles and failures to the native.
• The gemstones of the ascendant and the trine are generally considered good for the native.
• Gemstones related to a planet having maximum Kasht Phala and minimum Isht Phala in Shadbala and having less than 3 bindus in BAV Ashtakvarga should not be worn.
• Gemstone of the weakest planet in Shadbala should not be worn.
• Two gemstones of different planets having mutual bitter enmity should not be worn together.
• The gems to be worn should be of the prescribed weight plus .25 unit. For e.g. If the prescribed weight of Ruby is 5 rattis then it should be of 5.25 rattis.
• The gems should be worn on the prescribed finger.
• One should wear the gemstone according to the prescribed muhurta.
• Gemstone should be worn after chanting of the prescribed mantra.
• Puja should be performed on the prescribed day and muhurta before wearing the gem. Name, parentage and gotra of the person should be spoken to give it recognition.
• The gemstone once worn by a native should not be transferred or handed over to someone else for wearing.
• Before wearing, the gemstone should be kept in panchamrit: milk, honey, Gangajal, curd and ghee.
• The gemstone must touch the skin from backside.
• Damaged gemstones should not be worn as they will not only be ineffective but may also prove harmful to the wearer.
• Gemstones should be worn in the prescribed metal.
• Gems should be accepted as the blessing of the planet which it represents.

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