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Arranged marriages have traditionally been the norm in India. But with changing times, more and more young people are now preferring love marriage over arranged ones. One of the common questions that astrologers face is “Will I marry the one I love?” There are a number of astrological combinations which can reveal if the person will have a love marriage.

In a natal chart, 5th house indicates love and affection; 7th house the marital life and conjugal bliss, 12th house denotes bed pleasures and expenditure. These houses play an important role in determining whether the marriage would be arranged or love marriage.

Let’s have a look at the prominent combinations for love marriage:

  • 5th lord has an intimate relation with 7th house or its lord by association, mutual exchange or aspect.
  • 5th lord or 7th lord or both are retrograde.
  • Mars, Saturn or Rahu in 9th and Jupiter is afflicted and 7th lord is stronger than ascendant lord.
  • Ascendant lord or Moon conjoins 7th lord in a Kendra.
  • Moon and Venus in 7th house.
  • Venus in 7th house and aspected by Mars.
  • Mars, Venus and Rahu in 7th house.
  • Moon conjoins 7th lord and Venus aspected by Saturn or Mars.
  • Aspect of Rahu on the 7th lord, Saturn or Venus increases chances of love marriage.
  • Mutual exchange between 12th lord and 2nd lord.
  • Moon associated with ascendant lord in ascendant or with 7th lord in 7th house.
  • Rahu and Mars in 7th house.
  • Venus is 5th house or 9th house from ascendant or moon sign may also give love marriage.

Love marriages are sometimes inter-caste or inter-religion. In such cases, the couple has to face a lot of opposition as our society we live in still orthodox. Here are the astrological combinations to find if the marriage would be inter-caste:

  • Venus and Rahu in 6th or 11th.
  • Rahu’s aspect on 7th house or its lord.
  • Moon and Mars in 6/8 position.
  • Both Mars and Venus in angle or in 12th house.
  • Jupiter in 7th house in Libra or Aquarius.
  • 7th lord conjoins Mars and Rahu.
  • Male planets in 7th house and a weak moon in 5th house.
  • 7th lord with Saturn in 12th house.
  • Moon conjoins 7th lord and Venus is aspected by Rahu/Ketu or Saturn.

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