6 Common Pitfalls of Reading Tarot for Yourself

When you learn how to read Tarot, then it’s quite natural that you will want to read the Tarot Cards for yourself. At a moment of some personal crisis or just for seeking guidance, you may want to turn to Tarot for help. Since you know how to read Tarot and you are aware of the power the Tarot has in providing guidance and insights, you will want to seek their help.

So can you read Tarot for yourself? Of course, you can! In fact, this is how most of the Tarot readers practice initially and get better at their readings.But reading for practice is one thing and doing personal Tarot reading for getting answer to some serious question is an altogether different thing.

While you may be very confident while reading Tarot for others, but when it comes to doing a reading for yourself, you may not be that accurate. You may draw a blank or somehow you may feel that you are unable to decipher what Tarot Cards are trying to say. It can be very confusing and inaccurate because of the common pitfalls one might fall into while doing one’s own Tarot reading.

Here are six common pitfalls to avoid when reading Tarot for yourself:

Pitfall #1: Doing a Tarot Reading When Highly Emotional

Sometimes you may be very upset due to some reason : a break-up, loss of job, argument with a loved one, financial crisis etc. Reason could be any but you are highly emotional and worried due to this and want to seek guidance from Tarot. An objective reading is impossible when you are so emotionally charged up.

In such a scenario, it is best to wait till you are calm and composed and can think objectively about the situation. With an objective and focused mind, you can do a personal Tarot reading.

Pitfall #2: Drawing Extra Tarot Cards to Clarify

Sometimes an extra card is drawn in a reading to clarify a particular card. But it should be done only when absolutely necessary. While doing a personal reading, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of drawing extra cards to finally see something which you would like to hear. Or it may happen that drawing extra cards leave you all the more confused about the message Tarot is trying to convey.

The only solution to this is to draw an extra card in a personal reading only if really needed. And don’t draw more than one extra card.

Pitfall #3: Doing Multiple Tarot Readings on the Same Question

The most common and the biggest mistake one can make is to do multiple Tarot readings for the same question. You may use different spreads to get answer for the same question within a short period of time.

Commit to yourself that you will do the personal Tarot reading for a particular question only once. Wait for at least a month for asking the same question or only do it before that if something significant happens.

Pitfall #4: Selecting the Tarot Card Meanings that You Want

Each Tarot Card can be interpreted in so many ways because they have so many meanings. It is common to fall into the trap of choosing the Tarot Card meaning that you want as an answer to the question. Misinterpretation of Tarot increases when you get subjective and select the meaning best suited for the answers you want.

Resist the temptation of hearing what you want to hear. Instead go with your intuition and gut feeling about what Tarot is trying to convey.

Pitfall #5: Using a Complicated Tarot Spread

Use simple Tarot spreads for simple questions. Don’t go for complicated spreads like Celtic Cross for questions where you don’t need detailed insights. More than often, a simple One-Card reading is enough. You can draw a clarifying card if you need further explanation.

Pitfall #6: Interpreting Tarot Reading Your Way

When faced with a challenge or dilemma, you often want answers that would take you out of it and are convenient for you. This is a big challenge when it comes to doing your own Tarot Reading. Instead of staying objective, you may tend to interpret Tarot in a wrong way to seek the answers best suited to you.

Staying objective during interpreting Tarot Cards while reading for yourself is of utmost importance if you want accurate readings.

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