Vastu for Plants

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science which can help in bringing positivity, good luck and happiness in the house. Our ancient sages have laid doen certain rules for planting tree. Adhering to Vastu tips for garden and plants, we can decorate our house nicely and have a stress free and happy life. Here are some Vastu Tips for plants which have been recommended to bring prosperity, happiness, wealth and good luck and to keep away negative energy from that house:

  • Heavy leaf bearing trees should be planted in South-West.
  • No big or small trees should be in front of the house or in the North or East side of the house. The reason is that the auspicious rays of the morning Sun should not be blocked by the trees.
  • A tree’s shadow should not fall on the house.
  • Large trees should not be located too near the house as their roots can damage the foundation of the house.
  • Herbal plants like Tulsi can be grown in the North -East side.
  • Tulsi or basil is a very auspicious plant . Worshiping Tulsi regularly brings prosperity in the house.
  • Lawns and flower beds should be in the North-East.
  • Thorny plants (except roses), cactus and plants emitting milky liquid should not be planted in the house.
  • Plants brought from a temple, bank of a river, stolen from a place or given by a person whom you dislike should not be planted in the house.
  • Trees like Ashoka, Almond, Nilgiri, Coconut, Neem and Lemon are recommended for planting in South and West of the house.
  • Rose plants can be planted in the South-East.
  • Trees like Berries, Tamarind, Gum Arabic, Cotton or Silk tree should not be planted in the house at all.
  • Plants can be used to camouflage sharp corners or pillars. You can even use artificial plants for this purpose.
  • Plants and foliage can be used to uplift the energy of any area. Lush green ferns and plants with colored leaves work the best.
  • Plants such as lavender, rose etc. help relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Avoid growing of bonsai plant in and around the house.
  • Except money plant, any other plant should not be grown inside the bedroom as it could attract bad luck.
  • Creepers  should not be grown by using the house or compound wall as support. Creepers should only be grown in the garden and they should have their own independent supports.
  • If a tree must be cut due to any reason then it should be done in the months of Magha or Bhadrapada.  Puja to the tree should be performed the previous night and offerings of rice & curd should be made. Next morning again after praying the trees should be felled. The trees should fall towards East or North.

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