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Delay or Denial of Marriage

The institution of marriage holds a sacred and auspicious place in India. The parents start looking for a suitable partner for their children as soon as they reach marriageable age. But the influence of Western culture and materialism has brought about a change in youth who have become more career-oriented and thus delaying marriage until they are well-settled. Sometimes search for a perfect partner also is a reason for delay of marriage. Some individuals have delay of marriage in their horoscope while some have outright denial of marriage.

Combinations responsible for delay or denial of marriage:

  • Influence of malefics on 7th house, its lord and Venus.
  • Saturn in 7th or 5th without benefic influence.
  • Venus is combust, debilitated and sandwiched between malefics.
  • Malefics in 7th house aspected by Mercury or Saturn.
  • Lords of 7th and 2nd house occupying Saturn’s sign or receiving its adverse aspect.
  • Affliction to 2nd and 7th house and planets posited in fixed signs.
  • Venus 43 degrees or more away from Sun.
  • Venus in 8th house with influence of Mercury and Saturn.
  • 7th lord or lord of navamsha lagna or lord of sign occupied by Moon in navamsha is combust.
  • Moon and Venus afflicted by Saturn and Mars.
  • Saturn and Mars in 7th to Moon and Venus.
  • Malefics in 1st, 7th and 12th house with waning Moon in 5th
  • Lagna lord and 7th lord in fixed signs and Moon in moveable sign.
  • Conjunction or mutual aspect between Saturn-Mars, Venus-Moon, Venus-Sun. Sun-Saturn conjunction may also be a factor if the involvement of 7th house is there.
  • Nodal afflictions to Venus, Jupiter and 7th
  • Saturn in ascendant may cause delay. But if Saturn so placed, aspects 7th lord also then the delay is sure there.
  • Lord of 7th house situated in 6th, 8th or 12th house or in inimical sign without the association of any benefic planet.
  • Saturn or Rahu or Ketu placed in 7th Even when Saturn conjoins with Venus or Mercury in 7th house, delay is bound to be there.
  • Saturn in Scorpio and Moon aspects it, then no marriage indicated.
  • In a male horoscope, Moon/ Venus occupies Capricorn and Saturn aspects it from a house that is not conducive, shows that there is no marriage.
  • In the case of a female horoscope, Sun / Jupiter occupies Capricorn and Saturn aspects it from an inauspicious house then it denies marriage.

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