Vastu and colors

Colors have a remarkable influence on our environment, mood and health. Colors have the capacity to either uplift or depress and thus play an important role in health and happiness.

Colors are also linked with the three gunas- Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Sky blue, green, white and other light colors are considered Satvic. Bright red, orange and bright pink is Rajasic while dark-brown, navy blue and black is considered Tamsic. Dark colors should be avoided in a house as they sap our energy and cause depression. It is advisable to use softer, lighter and satvic colors in the house.
Vastu based guidelines for choosing the right colors for each room of your house are as follows :

  • The North rooms of the house, represented by Mercury can be in light shades of green as green represents Mercury. North East rooms can be in shades of cream and West can be in shades of grey.
  • Different shades of green and yellow should be used in study rooms as these colors represent positivity and wisdom.
  • Kitchen and dining room can use light shades of orange as it is a social color with considerable drive and energy.
  • Experiment with different shades of yellow, orange and purple in areas that are used for conversation such as drawing room. Stimulating colors help in setting up an atmosphere for scintillating conversations.
  • Cool colors such as indigo, violet and blue have a calming and introspective influence. Different shades of these colors can be used for meditation and puja rooms.
  • Red being a passionate and fiery color should be avoided in bedroom as it can lead to disturbed sleep and insomnia.
  • Soft colors like peach, light pink, sky blue, lavendar etc. are ideal for bedroom as they keep the bedrrom tranquil and induce good sleep.
  • Do not use bright colors on walls facing South and West windows and doors,as they reflect light and cause glare.
  • Blue is a good color to be used for the rooms of children who are hyper-active and aggressive.
  • Black should not be used on gates, doors and walls that face East and South.
  • Red should not be used on gates, doors and walls that face West and North.

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