Mangal Dosha & Married Life


Horoscope matching is an ancient tradition in India and is considered of great importance before marriage is finalized. Mangal Dosha often becomes a major issue in horoscope matching as it is considered as the most important parameter.

The native is said to be Manglik when Mars is placed in ascendant, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house in the birth chart. In South India, Mars’ placement in the 2nd house is also considered for Manglik Dosha. The counting of Houses should be done from the ascendant, Moon and Venus.

Effects of Mangal dosha

1. When Mars is situated in the 1st house:
Mars aspects 4th, 7th and 8th houses fully which governs domestic and married happiness and so affects these factors very badly. Mars in the 1st house badly affects the married life leading to unnecessary conflicts. It might also lead to physical assault and violence which results in tension, distress, separation or even divorce.
2. When Mars is situated in the 2nd house:
Mars in 2nd house affects wealth and family life. It creates obstacles in the married life and the professional life.
3. When Mars is situated in the 4th house:
Mars may cause disagreements between the couple and may cause disharmony in home comforts. Undue interference by in laws will be another cause of distress.
4. When Mars is situated in the 7th house:
Such a person has too much of energy and will be ill-tempered. Also this person will be very dominating resulting in frequent quarrels. The person might not be of good character and may have multiple affairs.
5. When Mars is in the 8th house:
Here Mars is the maraka for the spouse. Life will be marred by quarrels. The person is likely to gratify his/her passions by resorting to extra-marital affairs.
6. When Mars is situated in the 12th house:
The native will suffer from mental problems and financial losses. Interference will be there in married life by respective families.

Mangal Dosha Remedies to reduce its bad effects
The best way to negate the ill-effects of Mangal Dosha is marriage between two mangaliks. In this way, the negativity is naturally diffused.
Some other ways to reduce the ill-effects of Mangal Dosha are listed below:
1. Fasting on Tuesdays to placate Mars
2. Kumbh Vivah
3. Reciting Mantras (Navgraha Mantra or Hanuman Chalisa)
4. Offerings and contributions to propitiate Mars (Lenthil Daal, wheat bread, red silk and red stones can be donated.)
5. Wearing gemstones in the form of rings
6. By visiting the Navagraha and Hanuman temples
7. A mangalik is advised to get married after the age of 28 as the intensity of the dosha comes down with age.

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