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Relationships Strengthened Through Astrology

The sight of couples madly in love, walking hand in hand, sharing laughter and joy even after so many years of being together often makes us wonder- What is the magic trick behind their successful relationship?

Compatibility in relationship is very important and here’s where astrology can help. Astrology compatibility deals with the position of planets in the natal charts of both the partners and accordingly decides their compatibility. It gives a fair idea about the strengths and weaknesses of the existing relationship. It can explore the loopholes in the relationship and suggest remedial measures to strengthen the relationship.

Seventh House in a person’s natal chart determines the relationship and marriage. The planets in the seventh house and the planet that governs the seventh house are analyzed for determining the love and romance in a person’s life.Malefic planets in the seventh house or malefic aspect on the seventh house mar marital happiness. For a harmonious married life, the seventh house should have benefic influences.

Planet Venus also plays an important role in this respect. The Karaka for the Seventh House is Venus. Venus being the Karaka for the Seventh House of Kaala Purusha, it also becomes a Karaka for spouse. The Karaka for spouse for males is Venus and for females, it is Jupiter.Therefore Venus in the seventh house of a male’s natal chart is not considered good for marital prospects. But if Venus is placed in its own sign or in exaltation or being the lagna lord, it is placed in the seventh house then it is not considered so bad. As a lagna lord in seventh house,Venus may cause delay in marriage.

Rahu in the seventh house of the natal chart can lead to problems in married life. If the seventh lord is in the sixth, eighth and twelfth house of the natal chart and there is no benefic aspect either to the seventh house and the seventh lord, outside interference can be the reason for disturbance in the married life. If there are problems in married life then it is important to see which planet is creating the disturbance and then the appropriate remedy must be done after consulting an expert astrologer.

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