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                信息来源: 液位变送器厂家 | 2020-06-08 点击量: 1347

                As we all know, asphalt is the main road material in the process of highway construction in China,. The cost of asphalt in common municipal roads is often close to 50%; although the construction of expressways increases the cost of land acquisition, the construction cost of asphalt procurement is often more than 20%.
                . Coal tar pitch Bai
                Coal tar pitch is a byproduct of coking, that is, the Zhi black substance remained in the distillation kettle after distillation of tar Du.
                Conventional coal tar pitch is extracted from coal tar produced in coking process, which we call coal tar pitch. Coal tar pitch contains a certain proportion of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, such as, benzopyrene, etc., which are toxic substances. They will be discharged in the construction process of hot mix asphalt platform materials, which is easy to cause environmental pollution and endanger people's health. In addition, according to the research results, the low-temperature performance of diepitch is worse than that of petroleum asphalt, and it is easy to produce low-temperature cracking and other phenomena. Therefore, the application of coal tar asphalt is limited. The current technical specifications for coal tar asphalt
                Petroleum asphalt is the residue of crude distillation.
                . Natural asphalt
                Natural asphalt is stored underground, some of which form mineral deposits or accumulate on the surface of the earth's crust.
                There are two kinds of asphalt curing operations: one is to mix asphalt heating with waste mixing, the other is to mix emulsified asphalt with waste. The first method requires a certain degree of dryness for waste. At present, there is no integrated asphalt curing treatment device for industrial sludge dehydration,
                The technical principle of explosion-proof input type liquid level transmitter allows dangerous gas to enter the explosion-proof enclosure, which may cause explosion. However, it is required that the shell must have sufficient strength; and the joint surface of each shell must have enough long engagement length and small enough clearance to ensure that the internal explosion will not pass through the flameproof joint surface and lead to the external environment explosion. The explosion-proof safety single crystal silicon input liquid level transmitter has a thick explosion-proof shell of the input liquid level transmitter, which is designed to withstand the explosion pressure of the internal explosive gas mixture more than 2MPa, to prevent the internal explosion from spreading to the external explosive mixture, so as to achieve the explosion-proof performance.

                Based on the principle that the static pressure of the liquid measured is directly proportional to the height of the liquid, the input liquid level transmitter adopts the piezoresistive effect of diffused silicon or ceramic sensitive elements to convert the static pressure into electrical signal. After temperature compensation and linear correction. Convert to 4-20madc standard current signal output. The sensor part of the input type liquid level transmitter can be directly put into the liquid, and the transmitter part can be fixed with flange or bracket, so it is very convenient to install and use.
                The main products of the company are smart smart smart smart series pressure transmitter, liquid level (boundary transmitter manufacturer, flowmeter, temperature sensor and multi parameter transmitter. The product measurement qualification and explosion-proof qualification are complete. The whole production system has passed ISO9000 quality certification system certification. Relying on the advantages of professional technology, reliable and stable product quality, and adhering to meeting the needs of users to a large extent is the power source of enterprise development. With high-quality professional services, the company has provided high-performance and price ratio industrial automatic transmitter manufacturers' products for China's power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, cement, mining, municipal, paper and other industries. It has made an important contribution to the development of automatic transmitter manufacturers in China.