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Online, Phone, And In-Person Tarot Readings: Pros And Cons Of Each

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Melissa Bailey. Melissa Bailey is a financial analyst by day and freelance writer by night.  When not crunching numbers or writing, Melissa enjoys hiking with her fiance (and two dogs!), visiting her favorite psychic and occasionally binge watching Netflix on a rainy (or beautiful) Sunday.

There will likely come a time in your life when you’ll want to seek the insights of a professional tarot reader. After all, men and women around the world have consulted the tarot cards for hundreds of years (in some cases and forms, thousands!).

 Tarot cards offer an alternative glimpse into potential influences and possibilities that may go undetected in our waking lives; they pose solutions we may never have considered. For those and many more reasons, investing in a professional tarot session can be a life-altering experience.

 There are several ways to obtain a tarot reading, the main three being: in person, over the phone, or online. Each carries certain pros and cons, and in this article we’ll discuss them at length to help you consider the method that’s right for you.

 I. In Person Tarot Reading

 Pros: This is the most recommended and typically successful method for having your cards read. Tarot readers are as intuitive as they are talented, and much of what the cards reveal is conducted through psychic frequencies picked up by the reader directly from the cards themselves, in response to the exchange of in-person energies. In other words, tarot cards react to both the reader and subject (in this case, you), and the physical presence of both ensures an accurate response.

 In-person tarot readings also instill trust between the reader and their client. Let’s face it, being able to look another human in the eyes, introduce yourself, and chat a little beforehand creates an organic foundation upon which a healthy reading can take place.

 Cons: Geography is generally the only obstacle where in-person readings are concerned. If you live in a city or larger town it will likely be quite easy to research local practicing tarot readers and set up an appointment with one of your choosing. Otherwise you may have to do some traveling.

 If it’s your first time don’t be nervous, but go prepared! Understand the rates, time allotted, and methods used to assist you. Professional tarot readers are no different from any operating business, and it’s important to respect them as such to ensure a successful session.

 II. Phone Conducted Tarot Reading

 Pros: There is certainly no shortage of phone psychics and tarot readers advertising their services, which leads one to assume that this is a perfectly acceptable method. Phone-conducted tarot readings are employed by most professionals for reasons of convenience, client anonymity, and reaching a wider client base on the reader’s behalf. Over-the-phone physic readings still allow for an organic interaction–albeit only by voice–and exceptionally skilled tarot readers will be able to employ those frequencies to accurately interpret the cards’ response.

 Many who do not live within a reasonable distance of a tarot reading service often have no choice but to turn to phone consultations, which can provide wonderful results and even result in long standing customer loyalty.

 Cons: More or less what we discussed above, phone-conducted tarot readings are convenient in terms of geography and personal comfort, but do not provide a person-to-person rapport. Some simply prefer to be able to engage with their reader in a more intimate proximity.

 III. Online Tarot Reading

 Pros: There are two factions within the tarot reading community: those who endorse online readings and those who discourage them. A quick internet search will draw up innumerable online tarot reading services, with reviews that cover the spectrum of positive/neutral/negative.

It’s important to take a moment to differentiate between the two types of online tarot readings.

 The first type, while conducted online or through a chat medium, is still performed by a living, breathing tarot reader; there’s a human on the other end. The second type is an auto-generated reading, in which the random drawing of the cards reveals pre-written interpretations for each card. While the former is still widely recognized by the tarot community, the latter is most definitely not.

 As with tarot readings conducted over the phone, convenience is the main factor working in an online reading’s favor. If one is physically or geographically unable to seek out the methods listed above, an online reading may be the only option available.

 Cons: A reading conducted online between the client and tarot professional can absolutely be insightful, but results may not be at par with an in-person or even phone-conducted reading. But that doesn’t mean an online reading isn’t successful. In most cases the tarot reader will ask you for your birth date and a few key personal facts that will contribute to their knowledge of you beforehand.


 Ultimately, there is no right or wrong method for receiving a tarot reading. No two readers or clients are alike, and energies and concluding messages can be exchanged a number of ways. More than anything it is important to research your prospective tarot reader ahead of time, gather reviews, and decide for yourself if his or her chosen medium will be of assistance to you.


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How to Perform a Powerful Tarot Reading

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Charmaine Frapp. Known as Chimmi, Chazzi, Mai-mai, or just Charmaine, Charmaine Frapp is a fourth generation tarot reader and astrologer. She reads tarot online and writes a horoscope on her website, Tell My Tarot.

When you perform a tarot reading, do you light incense and arrange sacred gems? Do you wear a turban as low-volume sitar music plays and spread your deck out on a majestic, hand-painted sari? While you do not want to be over-the-top, setting the mood for your reading will make it more powerful and meaningful for everyone involved. Of course it is important to study each card’s meaning, but here are some hands-on steps you can take right now to bring out the magic of tarot in your readings.

First off, the beginning of your tarot reading sets the mood for the rest of the experience. People say first impressions matter, and they do. Ancient Egyptian magic rituals often began with ceremonies summoning muses or powerful creatures then channeling that strength into the magic feat they hoped to perform.

In your tarot reading, begin with a simple ritual such as reading a few lines of an enigmatic poem aloud. If you are performing the reading for someone else – let us call this person the listener – you might gently hold hands. You might also ring a bell or hold a moment of silence. This gives you an air of mystery and sets a serious tone for the reading which makes you trustworthy.

Next, if you are doing the reading for a listener, get them involved. You can ask the listener to shuffle the tarot deck for you, funneling energy into the cards. This makes the listener personally invested and more willing to share personal information later on. If you are performing the reading on yourself, lay out some intimate objects of yours such as a photo of a loved one, diary, or item of clothing.

At this point, ask the listener to think of three questions or wishes, to tell you two of them, and keep one private. Questions keep readings focused, and if you run out of things to talk about, you can always ask the listener to reveal the third question. It also helps you put an interesting spin on each card pulled and personalizes the reading.

Often people want the medium to do all the work, but this is a mistake. Do not be afraid to ask the listener to expand on personal issues in a gentle manner to help you unfurl an accurate and more detailed reading. Just as a doctor inquires about a patient, a medium gains important information by being sensitive to the listener’s needs and state of being, as well as any thoughts on the listener’s mind that could be important to address.

As you reach the end of your reading, treat the closing with just as much importance as you did the opening. Vulnerable energy surfaces during divinations, and if it is not channeled in a careful manner, it could cause disturbances to either party involved. To close the reading, transform negativity and anxiety that may have arisen into positivity. Successful methods include bowing, blowing out candles, silent reflection, or even something as simple as a hug can do wonders!



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