Feng Shui

    Feng Shui Charms for Luck & Protection

    Feng Shui is the Chinese science that recommends special arrangements to allow flow of energies for a harmonious life. Feng Shui is now popular all over the world. Traditional Feng Shui recommends many charms for good luck and protection from the negative energies.

    Out of all the Feng Shui symbols, the dragon is a popular one but not many know about its significance. Feng Shui dragon is the symbol of the powerful male energy and is considered auspicious. Combined with a crystal, the dragon denotes money, power and opportunities. Feng Sui dragons come in variety of colors. Gold colored dragon signifies financial prosperity. Green colored dragon denotes good health. It is also used to cure East zone of the house. Continue Reading

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    Essential Oils for your Zodiac Sign

    Specific herbs are associated with each zodiac sign which also act as effective remedial measures. Each medicinal herb has a ruling planet and this is one way aroma therapists select essential oils…

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    Feng Shui

    Easy Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

    Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system which is very effective in harmonizing the energies in your home. Feng Shui emphasizes on free flow of energy inside the home. Using Feng Shui…

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    How to Perform a Powerful Tarot Reading

    Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Charmaine Frapp. Known as Chimmi, Chazzi, Mai-mai, or just Charmaine, Charmaine Frapp is a fourth generation tarot reader and astrologer. She reads tarot online…

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    What makes your zodiac sign angry?

    What makes you angry? People react differently when they are angry. Some scream and shout to express their anger. Some bottle up their anger inside like a simmering volcano which can erupt…

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    Best workout for your zodiac sign

    Aries Aries love action and being a fiery sign, they are full of aggression and energy. They need a workout which will keep them motivated and make them ask for more. Spin…

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